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. Global patterns and rates of habitat transitions across the eukaryotic tree of life. Nature Ecology and Evolution (submitted), 2021.

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. pr2-primer: an 18S rRNA primer database for protists. Molecular Ecology Resources 22:168-179, 2021.

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. Phytoplankton diversity and ecology through the lens of high throughput sequencing technologies. In: Clementson, L., Eriksen, R., Willis, A. (Eds.), Advances in Phytoplankton Ecology. Applications of emerging technologies, Elsevier, pp. 353-413., 2021.

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. The MALINA Oceanographic Expedition: How Do Changes in Ice Cover, Permafrost and UV Radiation Impact Biodiversity and Biogeochemical Fluxes in the Arctic Ocean?. Earth System Science Data, 13: 1561–1592, 2021.

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. Annual phytoplankton dynamics in coastal waters from Fildes Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula.. Scientific Reports 11: 1368, 2021.

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. Taxonomic reassignment of Pseudohaptolina birgeri comb. nov. (Haptophyta). Phycologia, 56: 606-615, 2020.

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. Mantoniella beaufortii and Mantoniella baffinensis sp. nov. (Mamiellales, Mamiellophyceae), two new green algal species from the high Arctic. Journal of Phycology, 56: 37-51, 2020.

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. Culturable diversity of Arctic phytoplankton during pack ice melting. Elementa 8, p.6, 2020.

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. Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom. Earth System Science Data 12:151-176. DOI: 10.5194/essd-12-151-2020, 2020.

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. Contrasting pelagic ecosystem functioning in eastern and western Baffin Bay revealed by trophic network modeling. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 8. DOI: 10.1525/elementa.397, 2020.

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. Temporal and spatial dynamics of Bacteria, Archaea and protists in equatorial coastal waters. Scientific Reports 9, 16390, 2019.

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. Rhythmicity of coastal marine picoeukaryotes, bacteria and archaea despite irregular environmental perturbations. The ISME journal 13:388-40, 2019.

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. High contribution of Rhizaria (Radiolaria) to vertical export in the California Current Ecosystem revealed by DNA metabarcoding. The ISME Journal, 13: 964–976, 2018.

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. Bolidophyceae, a sister picoplanktonic group of diatoms - a review. Frontiers in Marine Science, 5:370, 2018.

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. Can molecular tools enhance long-term monitoring of marine protists?. Journal of Plankton Research, 40:519–536, 2018.

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. Alain Sournia, phycologist and philosopher (1940-2018). Cahiers de Biologie Marine 59: 403–7, 2018.

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. A novel species of the marine cyanobacterium Acaryochloris with a unique pigment content and lifestyle. Scientific reports, 8: 9142, 2018.

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. Small eukaryotic phytoplankton communities in tropical waters off Brazil are dominated by symbioses between Haptophyta and nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria. The ISME Journal, (12), 5, pp. 1360–1374,, 2018.

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. DINOREF : A curated dinoflagellate (Dinophyceae) reference database for the 18S rRNA gene. Molecular Ecology Resources, 18, 974-987,, 2018.

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. Revision of the Genus Micromonas Manton et Parke (Chlorophyta, Mamiellophyceae), of the Type Species M. pusilla (Butcher) Manton & Parke and of the Species M. commoda van Baren, Bachy and Worden and Description of Two New Species Based on the Genetic and Phenotypic Characterization of Cultured Isolates. Protist, (168), 5, pp. 612–635,, 2017.

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. Response of under-ice phytoplankton populations to light exposure during the Arctic spring bloom. ICOP meeting 2017, 2017.

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. Short timescale dynamics of phytoplankton in Fildes Bay, Antarctica. Antarctic Science, (29), 3, pp. 217–228,, 2017.

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. Morphological and genetic diversity of Beaufort Sea diatoms with high contributions from the Chaetoceros neogracilis species complex. Journal of Phycology, (53), 1, pp. 161–187,, 2017.

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. Improvement of phytoplankton culture isolation using single cell sorting by flow cytometry. Journal of Phycology, (53), 2, pp. 271–282,, 2017.

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. Diversity and oceanic distribution of prasinophytes clade VII, the dominant group of green algae in oceanic waters. The ISME Journal, (11), 2, pp. 512–528,, 2017.

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. Chloropicophyceae, a new class of picophytoplanktonic prasinophytes. Scientific Reports, (7), 1, pp. 14019,, 2017.

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. Photosymbiosis in marine pelagic environments. In: The Marine Microbiome: An Untapped Source of Biodiversity and Biotechnological Potential, Springer International Publishing, pp. 305–332, 2016.

. Survey of the green picoalga Bathycoccus genomes in the global ocean. Scientific Reports, (6), pp. 37900,, 2016.

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. Pseudo-nitzschia arctica sp. nov., a new cold-water cryptic Pseudo-nitzschia species within the P. pseudodelicatissima complex. Journal of Phycology, (52), 2, pp. 184–199,, 2016.

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. Pico and nanoplankton abundance and carbon stocks along the Brazilian Bight. PeerJ, (4), pp. e2587,, 2016.

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. Photosynthetic pigments of oceanic Chlorophyta belonging to prasinophytes clade VII. Journal of Phycology, (52), 1, pp. 148–155,, 2016.

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. Diversity and oceanic distribution of the Parmales (Bolidophyceae), a picoplanktonic group closely related to diatoms. The ISME Journal, (10), 10, pp. 2419–2434,, 2016.

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. Benthic protists: the under-charted majority. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, (92), 8, pp. fiw120,, 2016.

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