18S rRNA


18S rRNA sequence database


18S rRNA metabarcode database

Annual phytoplankton dynamics in coastal waters from Fildes Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula.

pr2-primer: an 18S rRNA primer database for protists

A user guide to environmental protistology: primers, metabarcoding, sequencing, and analyses

Temporal and spatial dynamics of Bacteria, Archaea and protists in equatorial coastal waters

Rhythmicity of coastal marine picoeukaryotes, bacteria and archaea despite irregular environmental perturbations

High contribution of Rhizaria (Radiolaria) to vertical export in the California Current Ecosystem revealed by DNA metabarcoding

Can molecular tools enhance long-term monitoring of marine protists?

Comparison of coastal phytoplankton composition estimated from the V4 and V9 regions of the 18S rRNA gene with a focus on photosynthetic groups and especially Chlorophyta