Data Science - 2020

Course: Fundamentals of Data Science for Earth and Environmental Systems Science

Code: ES7023 & ES0002

Main instructor: David Lallemant

Academic Year: 2019-2020 - Second semester

Institution: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

School: Asian School of the Environment


Modeling using statistical learning and data science methods are powerful tools for earth and environmental systems science. This course will cover the major concepts for building and evaluating models, including fundamentals of statistical and machine learning. Topics covered include (1) basic concepts and tools in data science, (2) statistical thinking, (3) goals and principles of scientific modeling, (4) model development, (5) model calibration and selection, (6) sensitivity analysis, (7) model evaluation, (8) model predictions, (9) results visualization and communication. Students will gain hands-on experience in developing models and simulations (using R programing language). Such skills will prepare students for further research in earth and environmental systems, or careers in data-science.